prenatalPerinatal Foundation for the Deaf is a non-profit, 501c3 organization established to provide in-home education to deaf pregnant women and deaf families with children up to the age of five years. All work is done in American Sign Language and involvement of deaf culture. A registered nurse visits as needed to impart knowledge, teach, demonstrate and assist families to provide a nurturing and healthy environment for their children. Concerns, fears and questions regarding all stages of development are answered and debunked. This knowledge coupled with education and understanding leads to decreased numbers of medical and emergency room visits and thus, decreased costs to city, state and parents. In addition, these empowered and confident parents help their children grow and develop with less physical, mental and emotional disturbances.

Perinatal Foundation for the Deaf provides in-service workshops and presentations for hospital, and clinic personnel on how to best relate to their deaf patients. Doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, lab technicians, and other members of the medical community can network with Perinatal Foundation for the Deaf to get answers for questions regarding deaf culture and federal law information governing interactions with the deaf. Understanding encourages teamwork and harmony.